Dr. Heather Hancock

Dr. Heather Hancock

Dr. Heather Hancock is a Lexington native and a University of Kentucky alumnus. She graduated summa cum laude from the Tuskegee School of Veterinary Medicine in Alabama, where she met her husband, Kevin Simmons, also a veterinarian and a firefighter in Richmond.

“For one of my first jobs, I was a veterinary technician for Dr. McClain at Tates Creek Animal Hospital. Dr. McClain was such a good doctor, brilliant and extremely patient. He was the biggest influence on my career.”

After graduation, Dr. Hancock participated in one of the country’s most prestigious veterinary preceptorships, the VCA West Bernard Animal Hospital in San Diego, Calif. Today, Drs. Hancock and Simmons have three children: Liam, Lily, and Cayce, as well as five dogs and three cats!

Dr. Hancock and her family live on 20 acres in Madison County, where she and Dr. Simmons founded and manage the Central Kentucky Wildlife Hospital, where they treat sick and injured wildlife.

Her favorite sport? “Basketball. Believe it or not, I used to play and was not bad.” In her spare time, she enjoys trail running.

“Professionally, I spend time researching alternative and holistic therapies that can also be helpful to ensure your pet lives its best life. I will always treat my patients as one of my own.”
Richmond Road Vet Clinic gets more than 5 stars. We had two older dogs so the past year we had to go to the Vet almost once a month. Dr. Hancock is our normal vet and she is phenomenal. However, we have also met with a few others in the practice and they were great as well. Dr. Hancock has walked us through all of our puppers' medical issues and made sure we understood our options. I would recommend this practice to absolutely anyone looking for a caring and one of a kind vet.
– Amber G.

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