Interested in learning more about pet care, but not ready for full or part-time employment just yet?

A mentoring opportunity or internship at Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic or Tates Creek Animal Hospital may be perfect!

Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic and Tates Creek Animal Hospital are interested in providing short-term mentoring opportunities/internships for students enrolled in veterinary programs at any level.

The six veterinarians at the clinics – Dr. Kevin Smith, Dr. Amanda Holaday, Dr. Keri Wynn, Dr. Heather Hancock, Dr. Amanda Finch, and Dr. Ashley Sullivan – are truly passionate about pet care and enjoy sharing their expertise and experiences with prospective veterinary clinicians. They pride themselves on putting patient and client care first, but also on having top-notch facilities, processes and procedures, and cleanliness standards. A mentee or intern inside either of these clinics will receive exposure, instruction, and guidance in all aspects of veterinary care, ensuring a well-rounded and rewarding experience.
Benefits, including competitive salaries, flexible schedules, and course credits, may apply.