It’s Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! 8 Great Reasons To Adopt!

Each year over 3 million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters, placing a burden on existing facilities. To raise public awareness of this problem and to encourage shelter adoptions, the ASPCA has designated October as “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.” If you’re considering opening your home and your heart to a dog in need, here are some great reasons to adopt from a shelter.

Shelter Animals Make Loving Pets

Rescued animals have proven time and again to be among the most unconditionally loving and grateful companions any animal lover could want.

Adopt a Pet with “House Manners”

Many adult shelter pets are accustomed to living with people and have learned some basic house manners. Not only can this can save you a lot of time and headaches housebreaking a new pet, many shelter dogs know basic commands so you won’t have to start training from step one.

Mutts Have Fewer Breed-Specific Health Issues

Because a vast number of shelter dogs are mixed breeds, adopting from a shelter can mean that you’ll face fewer breed-specific health vulnerabilities than you might see with a purebred animal.

Know Your Pet Has Received Basic Care

When you adopt from a shelter, you can be sure that the animal you’re getting has received all basic medical care, including vaccines. Most shelters also offer spay/neuter procedures at a cost to fit most budgets.

Fight Overpopulation of Strays

The number of stray dogs living alone or in packs on the streets is in the tens of millions. By adopting (and spaying or neutering) a shelter dog, you’re helping to reduce the population of feral animals nationwide.

Relieve the Stress on Overburdened Shelters

Animal shelters are under tremendous pressure to accommodate the vast numbers of strays they receive each year. Some are forced to euthanize animals that cannot find forever homes, while others must turn away animals they cannot house. Adopting from a shelter helps relieve this stress and allows overburdened shelters to care for more animals.

Save Money

Purchasing a dog from a shop or private breeder can quickly become expensive. Most shelter dogs are mixed-breed animals and the cost of adoption is usually low. Many shelters even offer seasonal price reductions to encourage adoptions during particularly busy periods.

Gain a Lifetime Resource from Shelter Workers

Shelters don’t stop caring for a pet once it’s been adopted. If you open your home to a shelter pet, you can rely on the advice and expertise of the shelter workers to help you make informed choices about your pet’s care.

Looking for a place to adopt locally? The Lexington Humane Society provides temporary shelter and cares for many dogs (and cats) in need of a forever home. You can check out their dogs currently available for adoption here.

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