Pharmacy Services

Our in-house, full-service pharmacy provides our clients many benefits.

Kentucky Veterinary Practice Group clinic pharmacies offer many benefits for our clients. When you and your pet leave our clinic, be assured that your prescription has been filled correctly and to your vet’s specifications.

By having your pet’s prescriptions filled at our pharmacy, you ensure that our veterinarians have a record of your pet’s medications at their fingertips, which is important as new medications are prescribed or as dosages of existing prescriptions are adjusted.

Within our pharmacy, we stock the majority of the medications we prescribe, and when we do need other medications, we can turn to partners like Vets First Choice and large veterinary pharmacies that we work with regularly.

What are my options for prescription refills?

We know you’re busy, so we offer a convenient online pharmacy to simplify obtaining prescription refills. Simply click the logo below of the clinic where your pet is a patient to start the process.

If you have any questions or prefer to order a refill over the phone, please call the number below the clinic logo.

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