September is Happy Cat Month!

Happy Cat MonthCats have served as valuable companions to human lives for a very long time. Even today, these glorious creatures continue to be a source of immense happiness and joy for so many people around the world. Rightfully, then, September is celebrated as ‘Happy Cat Month’ across the entire country, during which we talk about how we can ensure that our kitties live long, healthy, and happy lives. 

In this blog, we will be covering a few things that cat lovers can do to ensure their furry best friends’ physical and mental health remains intact. 

How to Keep Your Cat Physically and Mentally Healthy?

  • Understand their personalities

Every cat owns a distinct personality, which is reflected through its patterns of behavior. Cat parents must spend time with their cats to learn how they think and feel, and establish a genuine relationship with them. Through this relationship, you and your cat will be able to establish an improved understanding. Hence, it is important that you spend quality time with your feline friend on a regular basis. 

However, you must also remember that cats, much like humans, require a bit of alone time every now and then. So, if you feel that your kitty is not in a communicative mood, you should respect that. However, if this isolated behavior persists, it is likely that something is not quite right and you should try to get to the bottom of the problem.

  • Choose the right locations for their water bowls, food trays, and litter boxes

You must ensure that you find proper places for these things and that they are always present in those places. For food trays, you might want to consider someplace in your kitchen since the food is likely to be accessible there. 

Also, make sure that the place that you choose is quiet and calm, and does not attract a lot of noise. Cats dislike busy and loud locations. Having their food served to them in such a place might compel them to eat hastily or not eat at all. 

The litter boxes, meanwhile, need to be put in a place that is secluded and yet easily locatable for your cat. Once again, it is important to ensure privacy. 

  • Regularly take them to the veterinarian

Veterinarian visits are essential to ensure that your cat is free of any diseases or other health problems. There are various reasons for taking your cat to visit us, including vaccination, screening for parasites, and de-worming (which should be done at least once every three months).

There are some specific cat breeds that require more frequent screening and assessment than others. But regardless of the breed, you must make sure that your cat benefits from consistent veterinarian visits and pet care.

  • Final Word

Ensuring that your cat gets the right foods and medicines is essential to ensure their continued happiness. If we can help you with a full assessment of your cat or kitten’s nutritional and other healthcare needs, contact us today.

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